New open sessions for The Balance Programme

We are delighted to announce that, from the start of 2022, Optima-life will be offering The Balance Programme to anyone, anywhere.

Over the past decade, this has previously been delivered face to face and only available to single organisations who want to invest in a team of 12 plus. However, with the advancement of digital delivery, we are pleased to now open this programme up to individuals and groups and offer easy online booking.

Simon Shepard, CEO of Optima-life said:

“Covering key issues, relating to life at both home and work, The Balance Programme provides an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the past couple of years, realign themselves to the present and consider how they will move forward with energy, focus and purpose. The goal is the creation of a plan that enables people to live well and work smart. We are looking forward to running these open sessions which will enable more individuals to participate in and benefit from the programme. We can’t wait to get the first programmes underway in January.”

With a capacity of 16 people and a duration of half a day, we will start by running a couple of sessions a month. You can find out more about the programme, or to book, see our new online booking page.