Training provider Optima-life has created a new balance programme to help organisations support staff during covid-19

The Balance Programme – new webinars to help organisations support their staff

We are delighted to launch The Balance Programme – a new series of interactive webinars aimed at organisations who are committed to helping their people be energised, engaged and purposeful. During these challenging times, the programme is relevant and suitable for businesses and organisations in all sectors, with any number of employees.

The Balance Programme has been specifically developed for organisations that recognise the importance of supporting their people. It covers a range of key issues, relating to life at both home and work, that impact our everyday lives. The programme, delivered online through sessions hosted by the Optima-life team, covers areas such as sleep and recharge, nutrition and exercise, developing resilience and creating a focus for productivity and success.

Simon Shepard, CEO of Optima-life, said:

“COVID-19 has created numerous changes to the way we work and live, and people are finding themselves in new situations with new pressures. With many organisations having to support a remote workforce, it has been hard for them to promote a sense of togetherness and cohesion, and equally for the individuals to maintain a good balance between work and life away from it. We’ve developed this programme as an opportunity for people to explore how they are doing and provide some practical, meaningful training to enable them to make positive changes – ideally this is a win for the individual and the organisation.”

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