Reflect, Realign, Reboot – new programme to help staff deal with the demands created during COVID-19

We are delighted to announce the launch of Reflect, Realign, Reboot – a new programme aimed at helping organisations to support staff following the demands created by COVID-19.


The pandemic has generated many unprecedented challenges. From remote working, home schooling, and restricted interaction with friends, colleagues and communities, the pandemic has been a catalyst for the most demanding level of change. Many people are on the verge of burnout and organisations are fatigued.


Optima-life has devised the new programme to help tackle these issues and provide an opportunity to pause, realign and progress forward with a sense of energy. Delivered either virtually or in the workplace by the Optima-life team, Reflect, Realign, Reboot begins with a personal profiler that enables participants to take stock of how they are looking after themselves. Aggregated data can be presented in an anonymous fashion to provide organisations with valuable insight into the support needed for its teams. This is followed by a workshop to identify the habits and skills required for progress and culminates with the creation and articulation of a 12-week plan.


Simon Shepard, CEO of Optima-life, said:

“The effects of working throughout COVID-19 have been widely reported. Many people have suffered significantly and everyone has been affected in one way or another. We have designed this new programme based on work we’ve been doing with public and private sector clients over the past 12 months and our first-hand experience of the needs of organisations and their staff. Reflect, Realign, Reboot will enable teams to review everything that has happened, not to leave scars but to bring people together again, and create a springboard for positive change and growth.”

The programme is aimed at organisations of all sizes and in all sectors, and is relevant to all roles.

To find out more about Reflect, Realign, Reboot, do get in touch.