Conversations from the water cooler

Earlier this month, we hosted a free webinar which was open to all. Delivered by Simon Shepard, the session was based on one of Optima-life’s most popular courses – Reflect, Realign, Reboot and we were delighted to welcome people from a range of sectors and locations.


The interactive session was designed to provide a moment of pause in a world of rush. Attendees were guided through what has happened during the past year, consider what really is important to them, and contemplate how they will tackle the future with energy and a sense of purpose.


Simon Shepard, CEO of Optima-life, said:

“Since covid, the way we interact at work has changed and, whilst there are many advantages to hybrid working, both the depth of relationship and the collective sense of purpose across a team has, in many cases, diminished. The chance for a quick chat with a colleague isn’t always there and, for some, that has created uncertainty and anxiety. I hope this session gave the opportunity for people to consider what they have been missing in the absence of ‘the water cooler moment’, take stock of where they currently are and consider how they might reset the dial for the start of 2023.


“Going forward, I want to use these webinars as an opportunity to create a moment of pause and provide a space, even if it’s just for a short session, for people to consider the skills that allow them to live well, work smart and stay balanced.”


Feedback was positive with one attendee commenting: “That was the biggest wakeup call I have had for a long time – thank you.”


We will be looking to run another session in Q1 2023. More details will follow on what will now be known as ‘Conversations from the Water Cooler’!