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Reset – winning our daily race

With Bahrain preparing to host this weekend’s opening race of the season, the circus sometimes known as Formula 1, is currently dusting off its covers and coming out of hibernation. Drivers are waiting for the lights to go out, team managers will be rehearsing their comments barbed with irony, anger and influence, strategists will be […]

Time to Talk

Over the first five weeks of this year, I have delivered numerous workshops to a range of organisations. From medical teams working on the front line to those working at home, people are finding things tough. The conversations are imbued with frustration, anger, fear, and fatigue. Tears are not uncommon, and I have had to […]

Creating a sense of purpose

‘What is your purpose?’ can be quite an intimidating question but one, that at some point, is a useful one to answer. The word purpose is almost regal, conjuring images of selfless quests and profound revelations, and maybe better suited to religious books or grand histories than everyday life. However, for each of us, a […]

What is good exercise?

‘Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical activity save and preserve it’ – Plato The positive correlation between physical activity and improvements to blood pressure, quality of sleep, mental health and creativity is undisputed, the research far reaching and, as Plato’s words were uttered circa 400 […]

Collecting numbers is just the starting point

Over the past 10 years I have been collecting a mass of physiological data through my work at Optima-life. I have information on stress, sleep, exercise, resilience, energy – the list goes on; and as for numbers, I have over 3 billion digits at my disposal, that provide information on what is going on in […]

Conversations – Back to School

The events of the past six months have highlighted that people can be fragile, indeed for many the vulnerability has been devastating. Life has changed significantly. As teachers and support staff move towards a new school year, one that is likely to feature new working practices, disruption, and uncertainty, their leaders will need to provide […]