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What is good exercise?

‘Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical activity save and preserve it’ – Plato The positive correlation between physical activity and improvements to blood pressure, quality of sleep, mental health and creativity is undisputed, the research far reaching and, as Plato’s words were uttered circa 400 […]

Collecting numbers is just the starting point

Over the past 10 years I have been collecting a mass of physiological data through my work at Optima-life. I have information on stress, sleep, exercise, resilience, energy – the list goes on; and as for numbers, I have over 3 billion digits at my disposal, that provide information on what is going on in […]

Conversations – Back to School

The events of the past six months have highlighted that people can be fragile, indeed for many the vulnerability has been devastating. Life has changed significantly. As teachers and support staff move towards a new school year, one that is likely to feature new working practices, disruption, and uncertainty, their leaders will need to provide […]

It’s Time To Talk Time

If you were granted 10% more time in your day, a magical 144 extra minutes, what would you do with it?  Relax, sleep, answer more emails, get to the gym – there are many possible answers to a question which is, unfortunately, a mere fantasy.  In a world that is rapidly changing, maybe the one […]

Growing Pains

It was nearly twenty years ago that the dot com bubble burst.  Invention, adoption, growth, expansion, more, more and more……….. then, all of a sudden, bust with some serious corporate casualties along the way. As we move forward into the next decade there are other sectors that are growing at a significant rate.  Have they […]

Bridge the Gap

Earlier this year I was asked to moderate a two-day conference in Finland. The event, hosted by @FirstbeatTechnologies, brought together speakers from around the world and focused on the theme ‘Elements of Optimal Performance’. There were some excellent presentations from the world of health, sport and work but there was one phrase that really struck […]