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The Importance of Boredom

So January has been and gone, 2016 is firmly embedded and life may have moved from the great expectations and enthusiasm that a new year brings and drifted back into the monotonous humdrum that Monday to Friday offers. Like many other businesses Optima-life started 2016 with an all-day get together so that we could set […]

How resilient is resilience itself?

So the rugby world cup roadshow has hit town and I think that hit is a pretty apt word. With the advent of professionalism, it seems that ‘the lumbering prop’ is now a thing of the past. Whilst rugby is still a game for people of all shapes it would seem that being able to survive and […]

Wearable or Wearabubble?

I am off on holiday next week; flying over to France seemed a tad more attractive than The Chunnel at the moment and of course with the joys of flying I will be able to browse around the Duty Free shops. Long gone are the days when the goods on sale were broadly categorised as […]

One Plus One

I recently heard a management guru talk about team work and productivity. The basic message that he was delivering was that ‘One plus one had to be greater than two to be a truly productive team’.  Wise words indeed but what happens if organisations have been stripped back to the bare minimum when it comes […]