Celebrating is a good thing to do.  So in the month that Optima-life reaches the grand old age of 10 we’d like to celebrate in three ways.

  1. Say THANK YOU. Success has been born out of collaboration, adventure and belief.  So a big thank you to our clients, our confidantes, our critics, our advisors and all the people who have worked with Optima-life over the past decade.
  2. REFLECT on what we have achieved
  • Created a proposition that blends technology, talking and supporting – for us it was much harder than we thought at the start of our journey!
  • Delivered to people in 6 continents of the world – and whilst environments and cultures may be different, people around the globe are challenged by very similar things.
  • Developed programmes for organisations from a wide range of sectors – so much so that we learn something new most weeks.
  • Built up a data set of 15,000 days that looks at how UK PLC is functioning – and seen that whilst work can be tough, life away from work is, for most, tougher.
  • Worked with many of the leading sports organisations in the UK and further afield –helping them quantify both training load and recovery status .
  • Been a committed supporter of NHS 2012 Challenge – that used the power of the Olympic Games to promote physical activity.
  • Built a digital platform and App – allowing us to support people way beyond a training day or an assessment.
  • Shared the stage with some of the UK’s leading influencers – and held our own!
  • Followed our convictions, beliefs and vision – and whilst passion gives drive, purpose maintains sanity.
  • Delivered a complex approach in a complex world to complex organisms – in a manner that highlights how simple changes do make big differences.
  1. LOOK FORWARD to the next 10 years. We hope we continue to push the thinking of our clients and ourselves, that we continue to blend technology and face to face intervention, that we continue to challenge the conventional and that we continue to make a positive difference to organisations that are committed to deliver The Human and The Humane Side of Performance

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