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The Festival Of Us

Work should be stimulating, energising and above all create a sense of community, however with a turbulent world and a dispersed workforce ‘togetherness’ can be tough.

With attrition, absence, and the challenge of dealing with accelerated change becoming increasingly prevalent, people and organisations need support. This is why we have created The Festival of Us, a cost-effective, digital platform that will engage your people, wherever they are, to explore the factors that are the foundation stones for wellbeing.

The Festival of Us provides regular multimedia content that looks at topics such as sleep, stress, loneliness compassion, mindset, and purpose. It provides information and insight through films, infographics, blogs, tips, and links that can be shared across communication channels; whilst the wellbeing diary and noticeboard features ensure an ongoing conversation.

If your organisation is committed to energising people and teams, please do get in touch to explore how either The Festival of Us, or its little cousin The Micro Festival, could support you and ensure that wellbeing becomes a pillar of organisational culture.

For more information about The Festival of Us please email: