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Peak Performance Programmes

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Creating a Performance Culture

Creating a Performance Culture

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Workshops and Coaching

“Can I just say that what you do is superb : why you do it – enlightened. And the gifts it brings: enduring.  I look forward to bringing your science to more people across the bank – the messages are so important.”

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank Head of Talent, Learning & Culture

“It is true that first you have to become aware of something before you can make changes and the work with Optima-life helped raise that awareness. As a result of my own experiences I engaged Optima Life to work with my senior leaders at the Trust and the feedback I have received from them has been amazing.”

Simon Barber
Simon BarberCEO, 5 Boroughs Partnership

“How often do you attend a seminar that really does change and improve the quality of your life?”

Ashley Ward
Ashley WardCEO European Leaders

“It really did make us all sit up and take notice and absolutely had a positive effect on all of us. I think we are a much more productive team because of it.”

Rebecca D’Arcy
Rebecca D’ArcyEE (Formerly Orange)

“One of the best ever! Not only for the job – for life!”


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